Friday, November 15, 2013

Notes From Tooley

Ken Jones took some notes during our walk with Gordon, and promised to share--here they are.

  • Use legumes as ground cover.  Hairy Vetch, peas. etc. Nitrogen fixer and encourages microbial growth.
  • Make habitat for bluebirds and bats to fight pests.  Bat houses should have 2-3 layers as one layer will only attract males.
  • Humates lower PH
  • Peach varieties that work in NM. Garnet Beauty, Reliance, Varitan Rose. (This is a late bloomer and I am sure this is misspelled), Alberta
  • Wine kissed apple is a nice late bloomer
  • Use 1% Neem along with fish emulsion.  On the Neem, you need to heat, add to hot water and soap or it will congeal.
  • Do heading cuts to stimulate growth of lateral branches.  To encourage growth, prune in March/April.  To discourage growth, prune in summer.
  • Plant Nettle and Comfrey on the NE side of the trees.
  • Great Lakes IPM [company] for coddling moth control
  • Paint kaolin clay for insect repellant.  Product called Surround in powder form is available from dealer in Montrose, CO.
  • Use agricultural vinegar to lower ph.  Mark ph level of the water then add vinegar to lower by 1 to determine appropriate amount of vinegar.
  • Good cheap ground cover plants include, wheat, field peas, buckwheat, oats, etc. Flax is also good. 
  • Good late blooming apple varieties include: Winsap, Blue Permain, Claygate Permain, Lodi (best for sauce short shelf life), early gold.
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