Friday, September 13, 2013


Picking rhubard
Dwight and Pat have had over 4" of rain this week. Dwight reports the meeting is still on for tomorrow at Jim's (he had an inch). The Medfords are at 29 Casa Loma Drive, just off of N-14 between Tijeras and Cedar Crest.  His phone number is 281-5373 if anyone needs directions. Time will be 12:30.
If you are going north on N-14, start looking for Casa Loma on the left about two roads past the Burger Boy.
We are looking at meeting in Los Alamos in October.  More details will follow.--Dwight

We've had almost 3 inches of rain in four days--what's growing? Everything!!! Found an interesting recipe for rhubarb wine and since we haven't been eating sweets (all my rhubarb ideas) decided to cut back that explosion and turn it into something liquid. The recipe is English though, so am laboriously converting from the metric. You'd think with all the science I had in college, I'd remember how...Jo

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