Saturday, September 7, 2013

September News

September meeting--
September 14 the meeting will be at Jim Medfords, including a tour of their area.  Orchards, vineyard, nut trees and bramble fruit are in an area with springs and water!  It will be well worth coming.  Over the next week give me an RSVP if you know for sure that you can or cannot come.
The Medford's place is on N-14 between Tijeras and Cedar Crest.  I'll post directions and phone numbers next week.bLooking forward to seeing everyone.        Dwight
p.s.:  The bears have agreed to take the day off!

Anyone want to host a group of schoolchildren? Email me and I'll send it on.
I am an orchardist and a teacher up in Penasco and am always so busy that I have been unable to make it out for any of the meetings.  What I am wondering though is if anyone would be interested in hosting a group of about 20 Kindergarten through third grade students at their orchard/farm for half a day this fall, so that our students could learn about what happens on an orchard especially during harvest.   I am not sure about what would be too far for us to travel any offers at this point are very welcome though. 
Please write me back if you are interested or have questions,

Update from Lloyd--congratulations!
Hi Dwight and the Saturday gang; I just wanted the group to know that I
got married 5 weeks ago and I am retiring at the end of this year /Dec.
31 and selling my Fig Tree business and my many, many N.M. fig tree
varieties from collecting these last 10 years historical, heirloom and
stage coach stop fig trees.  If anyone in the group or  anyone you  think
 might be interested is interested in the details just e-mail me.  I'd
very much appreciate it if you could pass this on Dwight. Lloyd Kreitzer,
the fig-man of New Mexico

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