Thursday, February 20, 2014

Carlito Springs Orchard Pruning--From Dwight

Hello Everyone:  I just got in to Tijeras and back to e-mail.  This Friday we are invited to take a look and participate in pruning the Carlito Springs Orchard held by Bernalillo County Open Space.  If anyone wants to meet at my house to carpool, we will expect to leave here about 8:45 to be at the gate by 9 am.  Hand tools for pruning are welcome, although some will be provided. 
    I am still catching up on everything, I'll send more club news later.  Call or e-mail if you need more info for Friday.

Anyone who wants to visit the Carlito Springs Orchard tomorrow can meet at our house to carpool.  We want to leave around 8:45 to be at the gate by 9.

Our March meeting is scheduled for March 8, 12:30 at our house in Tijeras.  Snacks to share are always welcome.  This will be a Pomona publication sorting party!  When I purchased the NAFEX library I received boxes of Pomonas dating back to the first publication.  I would like to keep two complete collections in the library (if we have them), but don't need 30 or more copies of the same issues.  NAFEX had offered old copies for $3 each, if you want some of these extra copies feel free to take them and make a donation, book or otherwise to the library.  My goal is to continue to build the book collection, offering New Mexico Fruit Explorers access to a great reference library. 

On borrowing, consider that I have a personal investment in this collection, which simply means that I expect anything borrowed to be returned safely.

Another library note, I am adding my collection, which is broader in scope than just dealing with fruit and berries.  It covers more sustainable interests, beekeeping, gardening, livestock raising, alternative energy, even aquaculture!  If you are tired of storing books, we probably have a place for them.  Sometime this summer, perhaps we can have a meeting at the ranch to better catalog and organize this collection.

Also.....I have several boxes of video tapes dealing with fruit growing.  Many of these are not copyrighted and can legally be copied.  Anyone have the capability and interest to copy these onto video disks?

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