Wednesday, October 22, 2014

NMFX October Meeting

 Members met at my (Jo's) place for the October meeting. We had a nice lunch, and then a brief presentation on starting some of the more difficult seeds. Mountain Gardens blog will have an article on that topic in the next little while. Then we looked at what was left of the veggie garden, between the freezes and gophers, not much. 

We haven't decided on a venue for the November meeting--any volunteers? There are also several things we'd like to throw out to the group.

1. Anyone have any thoughts on always having a meal? When we know members are driving for several hours it makes sense, but if everyone attending is local, we could have the meeting earlier, after breakfast, or later, after lunch. It would simplify things for the hosts.

2. RE hosting--please rsvp. Our hosts are arranging for paper goods, drinks, name tags, etc. A prodigious amount of cleaning goes on, inside and out, not including cooking. Programs often have handouts. A quick call or email a few days before would be great.

3. If there only three or four folks attending, would members be in favor of putting the meeting off? 

4. Suggestions for programs. Workshops or field trips or speakers?

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